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1.What is bulksms?

Bulksms is a short message service, sent to our phones in form of text message.

2. Why do I need bulksms?

Bulksms is the cheapest and simplest way to send messages to a large number of people at the same time, with a customised sender id.

3. How much does your bulksms cost?

Our Bulksms cost between =N=2.00k and N3.5k.

4. Does your bulksms expire?


5. Which phone number format do I use to send bulksms?

You can use "23480, +23480, 080" format to send bulksms.

6. Can I copy the numbers from microsoft?


7. I do not want to type the phone numbers always. What do I do?

Simply type the numbers in notepad and upload them through your phonebook.

9. What happens if my message do not get delivered?

If you send a message and it does not get delivered, simply call us after 24 hrs and we refund your units to you. Maximum is 100 units.

10. I sent a message but it showed failed.

During downtime, messages are not sent. This is in order to promote transparency, our system do not charge you for unsent messages.

11. I sent a message 10 mins ago, but it has not been delivered.

Due to network congestion, there may be slight delays in the delivery of messages . This usually rarely occurs.

12. I can't access your website through a particular network or system.

The network or system may have some security restrictions in place. Simply goto "www.yoursuresms.com.ng" and access our website from there. This is in order to bypass any restriction by your network. Or you can use another network.

13. I registered on your site and have not received my pin yet.

Call us to retrieve your pin for you.

14. How do I pay for bulksms?

Click on pricing and you will find our payment details there.

15. Can I transfer units to another member?